Team HEAL Japan チームヒールジャパン 」の活動に参加していただけるボランティアを募集しています

Team HEAL Japan」is looking for volunteers to come along on our missions.

ボランティア登録方法 Register to Volunteer


In order to participate in any Team HEAL Japan volunteer activities, pre-registration is required for notifications, announcements, and emergency references.Please register through the Online Volunteer Registration Form.

ボランティア参加方法 Process to Volunteer


Once we decide our next mission, all registered applicants will be notified through email with the details.

ボランティア参加費 Volunteer fee


We ask for a volunteer fee of 3000 yen (Students 1000 yen) to cover the cost of transportation (bus or rental vehicles, driver fee, toll, gasoline), lunch, drinks, masks, gloves, and other necessary items used during THJ volunteer activities.

事前に準備いただきたいもの Items to prepare


Though not obligatory, we ask that you prepare the following items only for your safety.

  1. 長靴(大体2,300円程度で販売されています) Long safety rubber boots.(usually costs an average of 2300 yen)
  2. 長袖シャツ Long sleeve.
  3. 長ズボン Long pants.
  4. ヘルメットや帽子など頭を保護できるもの Helmet, hat or something to protect your head.
  5. ゴーグルやサングラスなど目を保護できるもの Goggles, sunglasses or something to protect your eyes.
  6. ウェストポーチやバックパックなど Waist pouch or backpack to carry personal belongings.
  7. 着替え Change of clothing.

Team HEAL Japan Tシャツ Official Team HEAL Japan t-shirts


To show unity as a team, we have prepared official THJ t-shirts.
For THJ volunteers, we are offering the official THJ t-shirt for 2055 yen, which is the cost of printing and manufacturing. The shirts come in either red or white and in different sizes (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL). We will prepare a stock of t-shirts during each mission, therefore.